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Megan fox leaked nude photos

FOTS, Actress, and hottie-despite-the-tattoos Megan Fox has a new movie coming out.
You may have heard of it. It’s called Jennifer’s Body.Written by Diablo Cody of Juno fame.In the movie, Megan spends a little time in the near-buff, swimming in a lake as the very titular Jennifer.Why now?Someone tooked some pictures of Ms Fox getting out of the above lake, with the above titulars in view.The pictures made it onto the internets just in time to create a huge buzz before another small Megan Fox movie, Transformers 2, opens.

How lucky!One of the more tame images from the shoot is in the show notes.Oh, and the above titulars were covered by skintight, skin-colored pasties.And if you don’t see nipple, you don’t see tit.

more photos of Megan fox


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