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Nestle Garcia FHM photos and interview May 2010

This is your second pictorial with FHM. You seem more relaxed now.
How could you not be comfortable if an awesome staff is working with you? I felt as if I were just in my walk-in closet striking poses in front of the mirror, but wearing only my birthday suit! Ha ha! Posing sexy is just fine if everything’s done tastefully and of course you have to feel sexy if you want it to be considered sexy.

You are now part of a group called the Eye Candies, is that why you are named Nestle?

My group has nothing to do with my name. It’s actually my real name. My parents named me after a brand of chocolate my older brother used to be addicted to.

What kind of music does your group perform?
We play jazz and R&B. Music that’s sexy, fun and whatever fits our personalities is what we’re into mostly. We’re currently working on our debut album. We’re just so excited to start everything in this field.

Since we are talking about music, what kind of music puts you in a sexy mood?
“Birthday Sex” is something I love to dance to when I’m in the shower! Ha ha. But when I sing, “Love, Sex, and Magic” inspires me say to myself, “Yes! You are sexy!”

We hear you have appeared in a number of movies and TV shows, do you enjoy acting?
Acting has always been my first passion. I found it to be such a fulfilling experience to become someone else, even just for a while. But why stick to just acting when you have the drive to do everything?

Seeing that you are a very beautiful woman, are men intimidated by you?
Wow, if you guys only knew…halos wala akong manliligaw! It’s as if all the guys are too chicken to make a move. They think kasi that I’m unapproachable, mataray, maarte, and a whole bunch of other things. But the truth is, I’m not that hard to love. Sobrang cowboy ako. What’s important is that I enjoy his company.

   Jan 2010 *MAXIM # 145* Magazine: Featutring, OLIVIA MUNN "Wet & Wild"

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