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Carmen Soo photo gallery

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Kitkat's Sexy Lingerie Pics

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Born in England, raised in Australia and — after 15 years of hard work — an "overnight" Hollywood success, this actress is as brilliant as she is gorgeous. Watts began studying acting Down Under and befriended Nicole Kidman at a commercial audition when the two were just teens. In their twenties they both appeared in the boarding-school drama Flirting, but Kidman's star rose much more quickly than Watts'. Throughout the '90s, Watts languished in supporting parts that failed to showcase her incredible versatility and knack for accents. Yet, with a lot of encouragement from Kidman, she stuck it out and finally got her big break in 2001's Mulholland Dr. Originally conceived as a TV series, this offbeat chronicle of an L.A. starlet was released as a movie that featured Watts in two powerhouse parts. Audiences and critics immediately took notice of her talent, and the

Sexy Teen Filipina Rochelle Panganiban

Rochelle Pangilinan born May 23, 1982 is a Filipina dancer, rapper, and actress. Pagnilinan is one of the famous dancers in Philippines, and the leader of SexBomb Girls. She can be seen in Daisy Siete where she is the main protagonist, it is aired weekdays on GMA Network. Most recently, she repackaged herself as rap and hip-hop artist with the name RoC.

Jed Montero sweet photos

Jed montero one of the host of wowowee, let see some of her sweet photos

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KC Concepcion on ‘Simply KC’: 'It is a very new show'

KC Concepcion feels lucky over ever because aside from being a regular host for The Buzz, he is will now be hosting her own morning show entitled Basically KC which will premiere on Monday, May 24. According to KC, the show is light and fun and it caters to young mothers who need to start their day right. Basically KC offers plenty of "first times" in a morning show. "It is a very new show, may new media, meron kaming mga ine-experiment kaya ninenerbyos din ako kung anong magiging reaction ng mga viewers. The show starts with a "vlog"--video log, they have net site links to the show which makes it more interactive for viewers. In that way it makes it more actual, more personal, more thrilling. Sobrang intimate din ng set, which is and a first in the morning shows, the audience are all around you they are within reach, siguro kaya kaming lahat they feel more at home."

Empress on being compared with other young stars

ABS-CBN’s new daytime soap Rosalka has proven to be a large success with its high TV ratings in the coursework of its first week of airing. Lead star Empress is happy about viewers’ positive feedback as well & was proud to say that more fascinating events in the story are in store for them in the approaching weeks. “Sobrang happy ako dahil hindi ko akalain na ganon ang magiging suporta sa akin ng tao at sa aming lahat na part ng Rosalka. Naku, kung akala ni’yo nakita ni’yo na lahat ng pagsubok na pinagdaanan ni Rosa, nagkakamali po tayong lahat. Mayroon pang misteryo sa kanyang pagkatao na dapat ni’yo abangan,” he said in a recent interview with
Lots of people were wondering though if Maja Salvador ought to be insecure of Empress since Rosalka appears to be more popular than Precious Hearts Romances Presents Impostor which also made its debut on the little screen last May 17. “Hindi naman po kasi alam namin sa isa’t isa na iba-iba yung talento namin at

Pinoy big brother - Teenternationals win the 2 slots to the Teen Big NIght

It has been a week, & partly because it ended with the housemates losing two of their comrades. It was a tearful moment when hostess Toni announced the latest evictees of Kuya’s house. Richard & Carson were both evicted from the Teentenationals, leaving the young Sophia behind. Always simple to tear up, Sophia did not appear the least bit happy. “I feel mournful,” they shared with Kuya. They had already formed a bond with the two, Richard. From the other team, Ivan, Tricia & Angelo were saved. They had to bid farewell to two of their own as well. Kazel & Yen, the house “ates”, would surely be missed, judging from the cries of the Pinoy housemates.

Carson, Richard, Kazel and Yen mark PBB eviction history

It was a never custom of Big Brother's to have over two of his housemates leave his house simultaneously... until this season! For tonight, not only did they send out three Teenternational bedspacers to the outside world tonight, but they also brought out two of the Pinoy teenagers with them!

Lindsay Lohan Arrest Warrant Issued

An arrest warrant was issued for Lindsay Lohan this morning, after he failed to appear at her alcohol progress review hearing. Apparently, her passport was stolen while he was in Cannes celebrating other people's movies, and therefore was unable to board a plane to Los Angeles and in make it back in time for her court date. Her attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley said, "Ms. Lohan's passport was stolen. He filed a police document. He intended to fly back at the earliest feasible time. I don't know what else to tell you. He had reservations for a flight."

Michelle Madrigal hot sexy photos

michelle madrigal sexy hot photos

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Michelle Madrigal pretty face

One of the hottest filipina teen star ms. Michelle Madrigal take a look of her pretty photos and tell me whats in your mind about her pretty face

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The Pinoy teen housemates bring on the beat

After two days (and even nights!) of practicing so hard, the Pinoy teens have finally made it onstage to show off their rendition of Yeng Constantino's Pangarap Lang. Dressed in ala sessionista wear, they impressed the invited judge, musician Marc Abaya (also a Pinoy Got Talent host), with their singing talents and musical

James get rushed to the hospital

Oh, the worry felt by the teen housemates when they saw the baby of their group, James, feeling chest pains while they sat out in the garden by the pool this morning. Panic couldn't be denied in their eyes as they looked after him, especially when he said "he has never had [the feeling] before." The teen housemates in turn called the attention of Big Brother and lead James to the confession room.

A choice made

The second merge of the season has pushed through, but as much as the teens showed excitement about the new twist, it was not met with zero apprehension. As Devon told Kuya, “parang hindi kop o maintindihan. Iniisip ko pa ang mga susunod na pagbabago.” The housemates from both houses echo the same sentiments. Bret, who was most vocal about his doubts on this latest move, reminded his team not to get too comfortable. “We’ve got to keep our guard.” The merge was celebrated with much cheers and greetings, but even if they now live in the same house, the clash continues in major games and challenges.

Pinoy big brother - Teenternational girls get comfortable inside Villa house

Only three days into Summerge Part II but the newly-situated Teenternational bedspacers have already easily adapted the Villa environment! Why not, indeed? That part of the Big Brother house has the pool, the bigger lot and more fun perks! Add to that, the foreign teen housemates surely do not mind the promise of fresh ties with the Pinoy teens!

Patrick’s dilemma and Tricia’s 15th birthday

Spending 24/7 with someone can surely fuel a spark of attraction, and this was just what was happening with Patrick. “Sana pumasok ako ng PBB nang walang girlfriend,” he confided to Joe. “I’m trying my best to control my feelings, pero minsan mahirap talaga.” Earlier this season, Patrick shed tears over a note from his girlfriend, and he vowed not to flirt with anyone. Unfortunately, his close friendship with Fretzie seems to be

Megan fox leaked nude photos

FOTS, Actress, and hottie-despite-the-tattoos Megan Fox has a new movie coming out.
You may have heard of it. It’s called Jennifer’s Body.Written by Diablo Cody of Juno fame.In the movie, Megan spends a little time in the near-buff, swimming in a lake as the very titular Jennifer.Why now?Someone tooked some pictures of Ms Fox getting out of the above lake, with the above titulars in view.The pictures made it onto the internets just in time to create a huge buzz before another small Megan Fox movie, Transformers 2, opens.

How lucky!One of the more tame images from the shoot is in the show notes.Oh, and the above titulars were covered by skintight, skin-colored pasties.And if you don’t see nipple, you don’t see tit.

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KC conception hot photos on KC show

lets see how hot KC conception on this photos on KC show, do you know where this is? well i dont care about that lolz, i know you want to see KC conception on her hot photos maybe this one will be enough for now

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Teen housemates get torn between Tricia's pool party and Devon's cake party

Big Brother never lets any of his housemates' birthday go unnoticed and so once again, he proves this by providing a game today on Uber that carry on a prize the teen housemates need for the preparation of Tricia and Devon's birthday parties!

Pinoy big brother - Gossips finally come to an end

Six weeks inside the house and the Pinoy teen housemates have fast-tracked their relationships with each other. “Kapag mas tumatagal mong kasama ang isang tao, lumalabas ang tunay na ugali,” commented Yen. Unfortunately, living in close quarters with people does not necessarily equate to building good relations. Instead of strengthening new friendships, the Villa teens chose to spend their idle time talking ill behind the backs of their housemates. For the Villa teens, gossip-mongering has reached to new heights, so much so that Kuya has already taken major steps in correcting such behavior.

Katrina Halili hot sexy photos

i know you want to see more of katrina halili naked photos but maybe this one will be enough for you guy, take a look closely and you will see something enjoy !! :)

Pinoy bit brother - Joe cooks for Yen while the Korean bedspacers sing their hearts out

If the way to a man's heart is through his stomach then so is the same for the women! Thankfully, Joe has realized that and made Yen a special heart-shaped cake, in the hopes of his feelings for her to be given attention. Yen could only do so much by being appreciative of his actions but at the same time, she couldn't help but lighten the situation up by inserting a joke that involved Jack, who's another one of her admirers.

Pinoy big brother - April shows off hula skills on Uber

As seen earlier on Uber, April Sun remains the Cantonese Hottie of Hongkong that she is even after her eviction. A longer stay may have been more preferable but just as well, she said her short stint inside the Big Brother house was already fun and unforgettable. "Ang sarap ng pakiramdam, kahit two weeks lang (It was amazing even though it was only for two weeks)," she shared with host Mariel Rodriguez. She even got to whip off her hips for some hoops - as this was the last weekly task she participated in before she got evicted, as requested by Mariel and the rest of the Uber staff!

Pinoy big brother - Gossip threatens to put a major strain in teens’ friendships

Filipinos are known to be non-confrontational, yet compensate by welcoming gossip. Instead of hashing concerns out in the open, people tend to exchange seemingly confidential concerns among themselves that eventually lead to deadly gossip-mongering. This remains to be the case among the teen housemates.
“Familiarity breeds contempt,” as the saying goes. Living in close quarters, the simplest shared experience was akin to life-changing miracles just as much as the slightest flaw appeared like the gravest sin. In the

Pinoy big brother - PBB boys hula hoop for Angelo’s scholarship

It was just after Mothers’ Day when Kuya invited Nanay Inday and Nanay Lynn, mothers of Angelo and Devon respectively, to show a sampling of how much mothers would do for the sake of their children. The two were asked to serve as helpers inside the PBB house for an entire week, and with college scholarships at stake, they both agreed. At the end of the week, Kuya called Nanay Inday into the Confession Room and

Judy Ann Santos sexy photos

The Beautiful and sexy judy ann santos take a look at her sexy photos

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Pinoy big brother - Yong serenades Mariel Rodriguez on Uber while Teenternational teens go blind

Armed with his power acoustic guitar, Yong made a stopover on today's Uber to jam with Mariel for awhile. The Boy Breadwinner of Batangas sang a relyricized With A Smile (by the Eraserheads), which he dedicated to the three hosts of Pinoy Big Brother Toni Gonzaga, Bianca Gonzalez and Mariel Rodriguez. Mariel, even with her goggles on which obstructed her vision momentarily, couldn't help but be awestruck with Yong's musical ability. And afterward complimenting Yong on his performance, she asked him what his most

Pinoy big brother - Teen housemates go breathless

Shooting hoops? Easy. But shooting hoops while running on treadmill? Not so easy! Big Brother's definitely not making the teen housemates feel too lax while being inside his house, more especially during the games and tasks! That's why for today's Uber, both the Pinoy and Teenternational housemates run miles to reach

Nicki Kretchmer bio

More photos of Nicki Kretchmer

Nicki Kretchmer is an American swimsuit model. She was one of 10 finalists for the 2007 Maxim Hometown Hotties contest.

Kretchmer grew up in Cottage Grove, Minnesota, just outside of St. Paul, and has two sisters. Kretchmer attended the University of Louisville to study dentistry, her father's profession. To help pay for her studies, Kretchmer was a part-time telemarketer.

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